OC Cars & Mobility are based in Dublin and can Convert your Electric Vehicle for easy access in your wheelchair.

OC  Cars & Mobility are able to quickly create high quality conversion solutions for new electric car models thanks to its long-standing partnerships and excellent working relationships within the industry. We ensure that our electric vehicle wheelchair conversions are of a high quality. For wheelchair users, a car with a rear cut floor is the best option. The wheelchair user can be carried conveniently thanks to the rear cutout and access ramp. The vehicle’s passenger compartment has lots of space thanks to the reduced floor pan, and access is made simple by the non-slip ramp. The wheelchair and the wheelchair user are both secured using Protektor wheelchair & occupant restraint devices. The FutureSafe head and backrest offer added security.

With OC Cars & Mobility it is now possible to convert your electric vehicle or car with a rear cut floor and access ramp.


Conversions are currently available for the following Electric Vehicles.
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