Your Safety in Mind
The QLK-150 docking system and its accompanying brackets are fully crash tested and iQ Certified to meet the requirements of the WC18 standard and be compatible with WC19 wheelchairs.

Improve Your Experience
When fractions of an inch make a huge difference, QLK’s flush surface gives you more clearance (3/16” – 5mm) for everyday traveling. Interference with casters is significantly reduced thanks to a shortened footprint, and along with a tapered channel to help guide the docking bolt in, you can forget about the usual turns and snags of docking and get on with your journey.

QLK Remote
Featuring Touch-of-the-Button easy assistive technology, the QLK Remote seamlessly pairs with new or existing QLK-150 docking systems. Like your everyday key fob, the compact design allows the remote to easily clip to your key ring or mobility device.

Dash Control
The slim and flexible dash control features a peel ‘n stick design that conforms to vehicle interiors. Despite being small enough to fit in the most convenient locations, the touch controls are more than twice the size of other docking systems — and the embedded LEDs will clearly alert you to the systems’ status.