Out of all our Swivel Seats, this is the simplest and most economical solution. It is suitable for both drivers and passengers and is available with manual swivel as Turnout and with powered swivel as Turnout E. Both models come in either a 2-door or 4-door version.

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The Turny Evo is a seat lift that will allow the user to get seated outside the vehicle, before being comfortably lifted to a safe position inside. Having the car seat completely outside of the vehicle and at a height of choice can be very helpful when getting seated or making the transfer from a wheelchair. The unique feature of the Turny Evo is its programmable movement path. This allows the Turny Evo to be individually tailored to each user/vehicle combination and enables many driver’s side installations.


The Turny Low is a swivel seat that rotates and moves almost completely outside the vehicle, making it easy for you to sit down or transfer from a wheelchair. It also features great improvements in comfort and available head and leg space compared to other swivel seats. The Turny Low can be installed in many vehicles previously considered impossible to adapt, in fact it can be installed in almost any low vehicle. In short, the Turny Low fills the gap where an ordinary swivel seat isn’t enough and where a seat lift isn’t suitable.


The Turny 6-Way makes it easy to get from the wheelchair to the front seat and vice versa. As the name suggests the seat lift can move in 6 directions; up, down, forward, backward as well as rotate left to right. This means that you can bring the seat backwards, rotate it to face the inside of the car and set to your desired height.

Basically, you move the seat into an optimal position for you to transfer to and from your wheelchair. Once seated you have the luxury of using the controls to position yourself exactly as you like. The Turny 6-Way can be installed on the driver’s side as well as on the passenger’s side.

The Turny HD and Turny Orbit are seat lifts. They will rotate the seat, move it outside the car and lower the seat as far down as you need. This means that you can get seated on the outside of the car. Now, all you need to do is push a button and the Turny HD/Orbit will lift you inside the car.

Transferring to a high built car can be very difficult or even impossible. However, the Turny HD and Orbit aren’t just for wheelchair users alone. Anyone that finds getting in and out of the car difficult can benefit from a little help of the Turny HD or Orbit.

In short, the Turny HD/Orbit is a simple way to make your car more accessible.

HD or Orbit?
The Turny HD and the Turny Orbit are essentially the same product but there is one key difference that sets them apart. The Turny HD has manual swivel and the Turny Orbit has powered swivel. Thanks to bearings rotating the seat out using the Turny HD does not require much strength. It does, however, require you to lift a locking lever before you can rotate the seat. One benefit of the manual HD is that the swivel can be performed quicker than on the powered Orbit. In the end, it’s really only a question of personal preference.


Carony is a system that allows wheelchair users to transfer from wheelchair to car seat without lifting. By using the Carony, all the heavy, dangerous moving parts of the transfer are removed. The chair is as safe and comfortable as a standard car seat, and it is as versatile and easy to use as a transport wheelchair.

The Carony system is ideal for wheelchair users who find it difficult to make the transfer by themselves. |It is ideal if you have difficulty lifting a partner, parent or child between a wheelchair and car seat. If users and carers live together, there are many aids to help them manage independently, and the Carony is an extension of that independence, which will take you wherever you want to go.

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The solution that eliminates lifting when transferring a person between wheelchair and car.

The car seat that transforms into a wheelchair has been one of our flagship products for nearly 30 years. A caregiver swivels the seated user out of the car and docks the Carony chassis. The entire seat then easily ­slides onto the chassis and becomes a standard ­wheelchair. Going into the car is the same simple procedure in reverse.