Wheelchair Roof Boxes


A car roof top stowage unit could be a solution if you transport a manual wheelchair, and need to use your boot to store other items. They can usually be installed on either the passenger or driver side. A rooftop stowage unit allows you to store a folded, lightweight manual wheelchair, in a box, on the roof of your car. An electric hoist lifts the folded wheelchair from the ground and then manoeuvres it into the rooftop box.


Chair Topper can be easily applied to the roof rack of most vehicles without the need for permanent modifications. It can lift and transfer the majority of folding wheelchairs up to a weight of 20 kg.

Its positioning on the outside of the vehicle leaves the space free in the passenger compartment and keeps it clean on bad weather days. Operated by an extensible control or, on request, by a wireless control, it does not require much space to load the wheelchair. The construction quality and design of the device guarantee an excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and a good aerodynamic impact. Thanks to the selected materials, aluminium and fiberglass, weight was reduced to only 55 KG.

Available for both sides of the vehicle.


Folds, lifts and locks away a manual wheelchair in less than 90 seconds. All of this is achieved from the Drivers’ seat.

  • The Wheelchair is completely enclosed, protecting it from the elements

  • The cost of transferring to your next vehicle is minimal

  • Suitable for any manual folding wheelchair with removable footplates, plus some wheelchairs with fixed plates

  • In an emergency the door can be opened and the wheelchair unloaded manually

  • Easy to operate – only three switches

  • All operations are from the normal driving position