Mini LS Comfort

The all new Kymco Mini LS Comfort lightweight mobility scooter with a suspension. Kymco has transferred its expertise in the motorcycle industry into the mobility market.

The Mini Comfort is a good example of a lightweight transportable mobility scooter, the heaviest part weighing only 19.5 kg. However, this a mobility scooter with hidden strengths! The Kymco Mini LS is capable of carrying a rider up to 20 stone in weight and has a maximum range between charges of up to 16 miles.

It also has powerful front and rear low power LED lighting and a comfortable, height-adjustable seat that has more padding added to its new design. The steering tiller can be adjusted to suit the rider and is now a comfort Delta style tiller. It comes apart for transportation very easily due to its wireless construction, and has 9 inch soft roll puncture-proof tyres as standard, along with upgraded sport wheels.

The Kymco Mini LS Comfort is also very agile, having a turning radius of only 48”, and only being 42.5” in length. It is available in a range of vibrant colours.

All our scooters are supplied with batteries and a charger.