With the Push button ignition and start button solution from OC Cars & Mobility, two button switches and a pot replace the need to insert and turn the ignition key to start the car.

As some people find this difficult and sometimes impossible to do, we can install switches to operate these functions without the need for you to struggle.

Simply drop your key into a suitably located pot to turn the immobilizer off then press button 1 to turn on the ignition and then button 2 to start the engine. (Please note that the original steering lock is removed from your vehicle)

Push Button Ignition Start is ideal for:

  • Drivers who are not able to insert or turn an ignition key
  • Drivers with high level spinal cord injury
  • Drivers with severely limited strength and movement


Versatile – push button switches can be fitted anywhere in the car to suit your needs. We can modify it so the buttons are separate and away from the key pot.

Simple to use – place the ignition key in a simple pot to de-activate the engine immobiliser.

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