Minimo Lifting Handle


Minimo Lifting Handle


If you own or are planning on buying the Minimo or Minimo Plus, the Minimo lifting handle is the perfect accessory to work alongside your mobility scooter. The Minimo lifting handle provides an easier grip on your scooter to lift and lever it into your car boot, taking away the struggle and strain that some users might face. The soft-touch handle makes for comfortable and easy lifting so you can be sure that there’ll be no strain on your muscles or skin.

Our Minimo and Minimo Plus range are lightweight, foldable scooters that you can simply put into the car boot to take with you anywhere. Our advanced, compact and easily transportable designs can be folded up in one piece without needing to remove any parts, and the light battery pack can keep your scooter going for as far as 10 miles! For those who need a little extra help to lift the scooter into a car boot, the Minimo lifting handle allows users to lever the scooter up, rather than needing to call on help or risk further injury. Simply attach your Minimo lifting handle to the front of your Minimo or Minimo Plus mobility scooter for an easy, efficient lift.

The Minimo lifting handle allows you to keep the independence that the scooter gave you in the first place, helping you to lift the folded scooter into your car boot to transport it. The soft-touch coating and easy attachment mean that anyone can use it to make their lifting experience that bit easier. The Minimo Lifting Handle is a simple piece of equipment that can have an amazing effect on your life. By making it easier to lift your Minimo or Minimo Plus, the handle takes away the strain of lifting and makes for an easier experience all-round


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