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All Weather Canopy – Breeze S4 & Max


All Weather Canopy – Breeze S4 & Max


Now, you can shield yourself from the elements with the All Weather Canopy for the Breeze S4 & Max, meaning that you can take advantage of your scooter’s brilliant performance all year round.

The Breeze S4 & Max are large scooters and other makes of canopy may struggle to fit properly; however the All Weather Canopy is able to cater for this. It has been designed specifically to fit these scooters, so there won’t be any gaps in the canopy. Fitting the All Weather Canopy is a quick and easy process, and once attached, the roll-up side doors allow quick and easy access to the scooter, and could even be left rolled up for some fresh air on warm showery days. Not only that, but our All Weather Canopy was tailor-made to suit the Breeze S4 & Max, so you can be certain that your new accessory will look smart on your scooter.

The All Weather Canopy is made of tough, waterproof fabric to keep you protected from whatever the weather throws at you, all year round. It’s completely transparent so you’ll still have a great view and be able to drive safely, with the exception of the roof, which is opaque to provide you with shade on sunny days. And with the innovative design of the All Weather Canopy, with a frame holding the fabric well away from you and the controls, you are able to steer and control your mobility scooter as usual while staying warm and dry.


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