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All Weather Canopy – Breeze S3


All Weather Canopy – Breeze S3


Limited mobility doesn’t need to limit your life.  However, when you are busy and active going out in the rain can be inevitable, and you may not have the option of a car. This isn’t always a pleasant experience but it no longer has to be a problem; the new All Weather Canopy for the Breeze S3 is a simple solution to keep you protected from the elements all year round.

Fitting the All Weather Canopy to your Breeze S3 is quick and easy, so there’s not need to have the canopy permanently attached, and readying your Breeze S3 for all weathers can be done in minutes.. All you need to do is clip the attachments to your mobility scooter; as the All Weather Canopy has been designed specifically to fit the Breeze S3, this takes no time at all with no fiddling around. Once fitted, its roll-up side panels act as doors so you can access your scooter easily, and can even be left rolled up neatly on warmer days for some fresh air. The All Weather Canopy for the Breeze S3 model scooter is manufactured from strong, waterproof materials, keeping you completely dry even during heavy downpours. As with all of the All Weather Canopies that we stock, it is transparent to give you a full field of vision when driving, with the exception of the roof, which is opaque to provide shade on sunny days.  Just as the Breeze S3 was created to manage all types of terrain, this All Weather Canopy is designed to combat all types of weather! The All Weather Canopy has been tailored to the Breeze S3 perfectly, with no excess material that could get trapped in the wheels or prevent the scooter from travelling over all types of terrains. If you love to get out and about come rain or shine, then our All Weather Canopy for the Breeze S3 scooter is the perfect choice.


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