At OC Cars & Mobility Ltd, we care deeply about your wellbeing and how you may be concerned about the current coronavirus situation. Our team understand that our client’s special needs must continue to be maintained throughout this difficult period.

We want to assure you that we are committed to following the strictest of World Health Authority advice and protocols advised by local and international authorities.

First off, you’ll notice that your mobility consultant will be wearing a single-use mask and disposable gloves. This is for both your safety and theirs.  We would ask you to consider wearing something that could provide extra protection such as a scarf or a mask if you have one. All vehicles will have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before your arrival.  

Where we would normally be quite ‘hands on’ with your demonstration, we’ll now be following social distance guidelines and demonstrating the accessible parts of the vehicle while you stand or sit two metres away. We’ll demonstrate as many times as you need before we thoroughly sanitise anything we’ve come into contact with and move away to let you try the car for yourself. We’ll still be able to give you advice and instructions from a safe distance.  

As the government guidelines change, we will adhere to whatever these may be at the current time. In any event, your safety and welfare is our number one priority at all times. We want you to feel comfortable throughout your demonstration and invite you to let your mobility consultant know if you have any concerns about the way the demonstration is being conducted.   

Delivery of your new vehicle

We’re also taking similar precautions when it’s time to collect your new wheelchair accessible vehicle. Your mobility advisor will be wearing personal protective equipment, your vehicle will be thoroughly sanitised before taking delivery of same.

Our promise

  • All staff have been fully briefed on the hygiene requirements.
  • All staff wash and sanitise their hands on entry to work and throughout the day.
  • All desks and surfaces are carefully sanitised consistently throughout the day.
  • Our reception area is sanitised regularly.
  • All of our mobility equipment is sanitised regularly.
  • Hand sanitiser is placed at 4 points in our reception area for frequent use.

We will be maintaining this high level of sanitisation on a daily basis and with intense scrutiny until further notice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on (01) 833 2301 or (01) 805 400 or via email