A car roof top stowage unit could be a solution if you transport a manual wheelchair, and need to use your boot to store other items. They can usually be installed on either the passenger or driver side.

A clean solution
Since your wheelchair never touches the interior of your car you don’t have to worry about dirt and mud on your wheels. Inside the Chair Topper’s weatherproof compartment your wheelchair is protected from the elements.
Full seat capacity
The Chair Topper is one of few solutions for bringing a wheelchair along that doesn’t take up seating space or storage space in the vehicle. If you bought a five-seat car it will remain a five-seater even after it’s been adapted with the Chair Topper.

Quick Operation

Stow or retrieve your wheelchair in about 30 seconds from a car-top compartment.

A rooftop stowage unit allows you to store a folded, lightweight manual wheelchair, in a box, on the roof of your car. An electric hoist lifts the folded wheelchair from the ground and then man-oeuvres it into the rooftop box.

The boxes are fully weatherproof and the smooth operation means that a wheelchair can be transported without damage

Parking in tight spaces

Another feature of the Chair Topper is that you can do parallel parking, without having to worry about being able to open the boot. When it comes to standard parking spaces it’s also a very narrow solution. You really don’t need more space next to your car than the width of your unfolded wheelchair. As long as you have the space to do the transfer to your wheelchair, the Chair Topper will work for you.

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