Stowing Solutions


The size and weight of your wheelchair or scooter will affect the type of boot hoist you need and the space required. Take it with you to the dealership to rule out any cars that don’t have enough boot space. It’s critical you speak to an installer to be absolutely sure there is room for both the wheelchair or scooter and the hoist to function.

We have a range of hoists to get you in and out of the vehicle easily. We have sling sizes from small to large, so we can measure you to get the right fit. An ideal transfer solution for varying levels and types of disability. A person hoist ensures access in and out of almost any vehicle.

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A Flexible Wheelchair Hoist that Fits in Almost all Car Models
The Carolift 40 provides excellent reach, even around to the side of the vehicle to pick up a wheelchair from the pavement. At the same time, it is easy to guide a load through narrow openings. The flexible arm is what makes this possible, in essence the arm can be short or long as needed. The hoist fits in most vehicles and comes with assisted folding to and from storage position.

The Carolift 40 has manual swivel and powered lift, operated via controls on top of the hoist. Its maximum lift capacity is 40 kg.

  • Carolift 40 - OC Cars & Mobility


Converts a Standard Manual Rear Hatch into an Automatic Rear Hatch.
A pneumatic hatch opener assists in opening and closing the rear hatch. Operated by a switch or by an optional wireless remote control. A-Hatch does not prevent the hatch from being opened or closed manually. Delivered complete with a universal bracket. The stroke length of the cylinder is 600 mm.

For vehicles without an electric hatch lock, the accessory Hatch Lock Opener can be integrated into the system.

  • A-Hatch - OC Cars & Mobility


Stowing Made Easy
Drive onto the platform, step off and push a button on the remote control. Your mobility device will now be lifted into the vehicle and safely stowed until needed. It’s as simple as that. The idea is for you to do as little as possible and let the Joey Lift do all the hard work, but Joey is by no means a dull boy. It will safely lift, stow/retrieve and your mobility device and even light up the dark for you. It will do all this for you without any modifications made to your mobility device.

Just push the button.You don’t have to do anything. No lifting, no steering heavy loads into position and no awkward positions. Just take a step back and watch the Joey work. It will safely lift mobility devices weighing up to 159kg into your vehicle. The optional tie-downs can be attached when the mobility device is on the outside of the vehicle. For best ergonomics, raise the platform to a comfortable working height.

A beacon in the night. The world can be a dark place, with the Joey Lift you will at least have decent working lights. Both the platform and the hand control are illuminated, making it easy to see and operate the Joey Lift in dim lit garages or during the night.

  • Joey Lift - OC Cars & Mobility