If you have limited leg function, mechanical push/pull hand controls are an ideal and inexpensive solution. A range of hand controls all in one place. Hand controls can help with acceleration, braking, indicating and much more.


Designed for drivers who are unable to operate the foot pedals, this adaptation allows a driver to operate the brake and accelerator by hand using a push/pull single lever.

Using high calibre tubing, mirror polished precision components and axial roller bearings, our hand controls offer the driver unrivalled smooth and responsive operation with almost no resistance.

Push Pull controls are the most common type of hand control for disabled drivers. The controls operate both the brake and accelerator pedals using metal rods or cables that are controlled using a simple lever attached to the steering wheel – simple engineering gives you an easy to use, safe, and effective way to control your car.

To operate the accelerator, you pull the lever towards you, and to operate the brake you push it away from you. The simple action makes the Push Pull control the first choice of many drivers with disabilities, enabling you to continue to drive your own vehicle without the need to use your feet and legs.

The simple device is suitable for drivers who wish to maintain their independence and ability to drive but are unable to operate the pedals reliably or at all – it’s designed specifically for people with lower limb disabilities. The lever is designed to be comfortable in the hand and easy to use.

The electronic throttle control has been designed to fit any vehicle which has an electronic throttle system fitted as standard. This means the throttle pedal has no mechanical connection to the engine and all engine speed control is carried via an electrical signal from the throttle pedal.

Once the control is fitted to your vehicle we can reproduce these signals via the use of a trigger handle attached to your brake lever. The brake is operated in the same manner as our conventional single lever control, by pushing the lever forward. This system allows instant and positive control of the brake and very light fingertip control of the accelerator thus providing the least fatiguing driving experience of any of the controls we currently provide .



The new accelerator under the steering wheel, allows you to accelerate with your hands. We have dedicated a lot of time and effort developing this new accelerator in order to obtain a high quality performance and a solution that integrates perfectly with the new  generation of steering wheels.

Fully tested and approved it gives a whole new meaning to the word driving , simply rotate to accelerate. Thanks to this unique design very little space is required to complete the installation , its reduced dimensions and alternative installation method ensures comfort for both the installer and the End User alike.. .

Electronic Accelerator Over/Under Ring D906GV/QR

This device that you have just purchased, enables the transition from conventional pedal acceleration to the newly installed hand controlled Over Ring Accelerator on your steering wheel.


Over Ring


Under Ring


Removing Over Ring

This electronic accelerator is composed of three components

1 Over Ring / Under Ring

One Ring, applied over/under the original steering wheel

2 The ECU

For the throttle control (accelerator)

3 Motor reducer or Interface

Depending on the original features (Mechanical or Electronic Accelerator)

The MOTOR REDUCER version is normally installed when the vehicle in question utilises a mechanical accelerator

An on/off switch (A) is positioned on the vehicle, in an easy to reach position.

There are two basic and easy steps to follow in order to activate this device:

1. Turn the engine on

2. Turn the device on switch (A) set to on (1)

The Interface version is normally installed when the vehicle in question utilises an Electronic Accelerator

We have installed two switches in an easily reachable position , to be used as follows :

A) The on/off switch activates and deactivates the manual acceleration device

B) when positioned to “i” the 50% mode is activated , meaning that you can optimise performance by reducing acceleration and sensibility whenever needed by 50% e.g. Traffic and parking

There are three basic and easy steps to follow in order to activate this device:

1. Turn the engine on

2. Turn the device on switch (A) set to on (1)

2. Fully depress the brake lever

Mounting the over ring:

Slot the over ring into the dedicated support (A) verify that the ring is correctly in place.

Removing the over ring:

To remove the over ring simply press the dedicated button (B) positioned on the support and pull the ring towards you.

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