Choosing the Right Car

Which make? Which model? What price?

You may already have a clear idea about which make and model of car you would prefer.

Specifically, you may want to consider:

  • - Size & Style
  • - Features
  • - Adaptations
  • - Cost of Motoring

Features for safety and comfort extra features on modern cars bring real benefits to Motability customers and many now come as standard or for a low additional cost. Standard features do differ from model to model, so it's worth considering What's important to you and checking with your dealer?


  • - Automatic Transmission (Semi-Autos/CVTs)
  • - Power Assisted Steering (PAS)
  • - Assisted Braking Systsm


  • - Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • - Remote Central Locking
  • - Key Fob Locking & Opening Control (which can be used to unlock and open sliding doors or tailgate on some MPVs)


  • - Electric Windows
  • - Start Button Ignition
  • - Adjustable Steering Wheel
  • - Adjustable Front Seats
  • - Air Conditioning

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)

A WAV has been converted to carry passengers who travel in their wheelchair. They are based on standard production vehicles and normally have a built in ramp, wheelchair tie-downs and in many examples a lowered-floor or winch to help get the wheelchair into the vehicle. Eg: Paravan Sedona, Sirus Automotive Kangoo, Paravan Grand Voyager.

Which car is right for you?? This checklist might help you get started.

  • - Diesel or Petrol?
  • - Automatic or Manual?
  • - Are you comfortable in bot
  • - Are you comfortable in both the driver’s seat and the passenger seats?
  • - Will your family or carer fit comfortably in the car too?… don’t forget the dog.
  • - Long daily commute or quick local trips?
  • - How far will you be driving? Consider fuel economy.
  • - Will you ever need to carry a wheelchair?
  • - Do you carry other mobility equipment? If so, have you tried putting it in the car?
  • - Have you considered any adaptations, small or large?
  • - Is the car easy to get into?
  • - Is the car easy to get out of?
  • - Will you need grab-handles on the passenger side of the car?
  • - Have you seen at least two or three cars before making a choice?
  • - Did you test drive the car – on a variety of roads and parking?
  • - Can you reach the seatbelt comfortably?
  • - Can you see out of the car easily, both front and rear?
  • - Does the seat height adjust?
  • - Are parking sensors available to make reversing easier?

About Wheelchair Accessible Cars

Wheelchair Accessible Cars, or WAVs are vehicles that have been converted so that wheelchair users can travel while remaining in their wheelchair, either as a passenger or driver. The size, shape and design of the WAV will vary depending on the original vehicle used for the conversion and the specialist company that has converted the vehicle, but all WAVs have easy access and safe travelling for the wheelchair user.

You can choose from 3 different sizes of wheelchair accessible cars!


These WAVs normally have a ramp, rather than a lift, to allow wheelchair access to the vehicle. The vehicle can have at least one rear seat and can accommodate up to four people including a wheelchair passenger.


A medium vehicle is suitable if you have a larger wheelchair or regularly travel with four or more passengers. They are also great if you have equipment that you need to keep with you, a medium sized wheelchair accessible vehicle might suit your needs.


A large wheelchair accessible car is suitable if you will be regularly travelling with many passengers and require a number of seats. If you have a large or heavy wheelchair, or a lot of equipment that you need to keep with you, then a large vehicle is probably right for you.


Wheelchair Accessible Cars for Sale

OC Cars & Mobility is a leading supplier of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles supplying direct to disabled customers every year. Disabled people, of course, each have different disabilities and different needs, which is why we stock a wide range wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale for you to choose from.

For a person experiencing any age related difficulties, diagnosed with a disability / illness, a driving assessment may be required to examine a person's physical and/or ability to drive a vehicle in safety and comfort, our mobility advisor can offer advice on aids and adaptations that may assist them in driving.


Wheelchair Access Vehicles & Adapted Cars - Your Options

  • Wheelchair passenger cars and vans
  • Drive from wheelchair vehicles
  • Used wheelchair accessible vehicles
  • Wheelchair accessible vehicle rentals
  •  Automatic Adapted Vehicle


Home Demonstrations of our Vehicles

It is so important to make sure that your new or used Wheelchair Vehicle or Adaptation is the best option to suit your needs. OC Cars & Mobility has a Mobility Consultant offering home demonstrations of our vehicles throughout Ireland or to offer advice on a suitable adaptation. We will ensure that you have the opportunity to select the perfect wheelchair accessible car for you.